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Swiss SGSB and Swiss ERASMUS – Gain Insights and Explore Upcoming Exclusively Multiple Degrees & Certificates, Executive Program.

Exclusively Multiple Degrees & Certificates and Executive Education programs at the Swiss Graduate School of Business (SGSB) and Erasmus-Edu Foundation (EEF), Erasmus Higher Education Institute (EHEI) propel careers and deliver lasting value to organizations that sponsor participants.
From our diverse portfolio of open enrollment offerings to the customized learning experiences that we deliver in partnership with leading corporate clients, we continue to transform today’s participants into tomorrow’s innovative global business leaders. 
Learning begins the day a participant steps onto the Swiss Riviera campus or Online | Distance learning virtual campus, and its impact lasts a lifetime. SGSB’s unique, flexible learning environment is celebrated worldwide for its rigorous, yet highly collaborative, atmosphere. 
Challenged by passionate faculty, engaged by lively debate, and inspired by the beautiful facilities and climate, participants enjoy countless opportunities to share and build upon their personal experiences in an open and honest setting. 
Higher Education Company 
1~50 employees 
Vevey, Canton Vaud, Switzerland 
Education Type:
Degree Diploma Program, Certificate Program, Executive Higher Educational Program.
Dual Degrees and Triple Degrees for Undergraduate, Graduate and Postgraduate; Executive Program (EP) Education; Management Education; Advanced Management Program (AMP); Custom Executive Programs; Professional Development; Executive Development;  Leadership Development; Organizational Change; Entrepreneurship, Personal Leadership, Negotiation, Organizational Leadership, Social Impact, Technology & Operations, Strategy, Corporate Governance, Design Thinking, General Management, Marketing, Innovation, Nonprofit, Finance and Economics.
Leading and Creating a world in which all people attain the highest possible level of Higher Education through SGSB, Erasmus-Edu Foundation and our Global Partners.


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 We know our work to date is propelled by a large community of students, staff, faculty, and alumni working together to produce needed and lasting change. We are grateful to all of you who have shared your feedback, insights, and talent with us in this effort, and look forward to continuing this critical work with your help. Let us know what you need for your education and learning program. We look forward to hearing from you. We are here to support without limitation. 

C-CLE | Center for Continuing Lifelong Education 

ERASMUS | Continuing Education
(Exclusive Executives Degree)
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HEAD | Higher Education Ability Development
(For Global Distance Learning)
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GEP | Global Education Partner
(For Executive Extracurriculars)
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GED | Global Education Development
(For Asia Distance/Online Learning)
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The Swiss Graduate School of Business (SGSB), as one of the nation’s leading business schools, this innovative higher-educational work is fundamental to our mission of producing principled leaders from diverse backgrounds capable of leading equitable organizations that create positive change in the world.