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Erasmus Edu Foundation (EEF) partners with fellow higher education networks to encourage more institutions committed to academic freedom to engage in Erasmus Edu Foundation’s work and mission. 

Partner Networks involve a cooperation agreement between Erasmus Edu Foundation and the ‘Partner’ that shares the following goals and objectives.


How to share your university degree program with our international market and targeted executives.

How to get more students and teach your degree program throughout our regional partner universities and Edu-training centers.

How to get our partner university degree diploma with the specialized executive program to teach at your university efficiently as a dual and triple degree program.

How to distribute our executive degree diploma program through your education training center | institutes.

How to sign and exchange MOA | MOU Agreement contract between your university | business school | edu-training center and Erasmus Edu Foundation (Exclusive Executive Education Institute), and more cooperation issues. 


Degree Exchange Partner Universities

SGSB students can complete their semesters in different cities, different countries. Based on SGSB’s Network and Partnership community engagement, SGSB offers students the opportunity to interact to obtain your second degree, third degree with international students through the “Swiss Campus of Success”.

Exchange Dual degree, Triple degree, Quadruple degree for Bachelor (BBA), Master (MBA) Programmes and Swiss Dual degree for Doctorate DBA & Ph.D. degree Program with high efficiency and with high effectiveness

Our University Global Partnership Network

The SGSB – Swiss Graduate School of Business has student exchange agreements with numerous Universities and Business School around the world. With efficiencies and effectiveness, our students can obtain minimum 2=dual degree, 3=triple degree and maximum 4=quadruple degree diploma throughout the SGSB – Swiss Graduate School of Business.

These Institutions | Universities | Business Schools are Médicis Business School (France), Group Global Institution (France), Anglia Ruskin University (UK), London School of Marketing (UK), The University of Northampton (UK), Oxford Summer Institute (UK), Cambridge Summer Institute (UK), San Diego State University (US), Florida International University (US), The University of California at Irvine (US), The University of California at Davis (US), The University of California at Los Angeles (US), The University of California at Berkeley (US), McGill University at Montreal (Canada), Dubai Business School (UAE), Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce at Shanghai (China), Bond University at the Gold Coast (Australia).

Benefits Include

Obtain Swiss Dual | European Triple | International Quadrupole degrees from partner universities. Earn Joint Advanced Management Program (AMP) certificates and Joint Executive Program (EP) certificates from partner universities. Meet and share Extracurricular Activities with partner universities. Increase our global impact. Strengthen teaching and learning collaboration to extend the quality of our programs. Greater focus for staff and student mobility.

International Network | Business School

The University | Business School Global Partnership Network facilitates opportunities for student exchange, obtaining dual degree and triple degree without extending semesters, without wasting time, uniquely can be accomplished at the Swiss Graduate School of Business.

Addressing issues of global importance

Developing sustainable world-class education and knowledge transfer through an active international network of selected universities collaborating in learning and teaching to benefit our global society.

The depth and breadth of the relationship between Swiss Graduate School of Business members has continued to expand resulting in a range of new opportunities across academic disciplines.

Through this network, joint dual | triple degree activities will be developed as well as opportunities for students to undertake study at partner universities.

The joining our Global Partnership for Sustainable Development, our global network working together to ensure the new opportunities to offer for our international students’ high transformation, which can be used to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and future avenue in their life circle.

SGSB Partners & Patricians

SGSB – Classified the world’s young elite Business School in Switzerland, favorably recognized learning programmes with high effectiveness and high efficiency​​, including exclusive joint AMP and EP Certificate programs; selected dual, triple and quadruple degrees of BBA, eBBA, MBA, eMBA; and superior-professional qualifications with privileged dual DBA/eDBA and PhD Programmes together with prestigious universities, business schools and International education & consulting collaborations through leading industry partners.