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A flexible concept with strong recruitment capacity and rewarding for your establishment.
The Goal:

Erasmus International aims to offer French and European academic partners a flexible concept:

The implementation and dissemination of programs, specifically developed or already present in the training catalog.

These programs are entirely taught internationally, partly by high-ranking local teachers (validated by French establishments upstream) and by French teachers for part of the teaching units.

The Concept Allows Institutions to: 
  • significant gain in notoriety on a sprawling market, often complex to approach but representing an extremely high potential of students.
  • The capitalization of this notoriety to allow, in a second step, the direct recruitment of students coming to complete their training and enrolling in the courses taught face-to-face in their establishment.
  • A very low mobilization of human resourcesinternally, the university has a single interlocutor: Erasmus International, based in France, which manages all engineering operations, administrative organization, etc.
  • No development investment
  • The guarantee of the profiles registered in training, the complete control of the delivery of diplomas .
  • To increase their financial resources by the retrocession of a lump sum for each student registered in the program.
  • To increase the number of students registered in the establishment because, although relocated, the students are officially registered in the registers of the establishment and pay their registration fees.


The Need, the Target Audience:

We have identified a very strong demand from the Chinese market for higher education training and French diplomas.

European university actors, and more particularly French ones, benefit from an excellent brand image on this market.

Many students and professionals are looking for French or European diplomas to enhance their academic career and for working professionals, to access new responsibilities and thus accelerate their careers.

A Chinese specificity, linked to the period of the “Cultural Revolution” (1960s/70s) has an unexpected consequence in this request. Indeed, throughout this period, education was severely disrupted: schools and universities closed… several generations then saw their paths impacted and were unable to continue their studies and obtain the desired academic levels. These groups are now in high demand for recognition of their skills.

The offer of a EMBA or EDBA or Master, MBA, DBA, Ph.D. program meets this expectation.

Several Swiss and French universities, Business Schools have already designed specific offers and we are currently developing programs of this type (some already taught in Asian market) with European universities.

Let’s make an appointment! 

We can together study the possibilities of developing programs adapted to this market based on your training offer.

Our partners in SouthKorea, Japan, China benefit from an excellent reputation, a very significant recruitment capacity, means of communication at the national level and are able to provide your establishment with influence and recognition throughout the country.