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Greetings from a Dean

Greetings from a Dean

Welcome message from a Dean

Welcome to the SGSB, Swiss Graduate School of Business, we are delighted that you have chosen to take the next step in your educational journey and a Dual or Triple degree diploma program with us. The SGSB, Swiss Graduate School of Business is an exciting new institution offering a range of courses all designed to equip you with the skills you need to progress onto your chosen Dual degree with two different specialization at the SGSB, Swiss Graduate School of Business. 
As you study with us you will improve your study skills, academic knowledge, language proficiency, and cross-cultural experience with extracurricular activities in a supportive environment that ensures that you meet your full potential. The whole teams at the SGSB, Swiss Graduate School of Business are always available to answer any questions you have, help you settle into life in the Swiss Riviera region, and guide you to overcome any academic challenges and obtain multiple degree diplomas you may encounter and motivated. 
We encourage you to focus on continuous study, pursue higher education and goals positively and actively, and continue to connect with friends, classmates, professors, and communities. The SGSB Business School and the International Partner Schools, which provide multiple degrees and triple degrees, will continue to help and support you and your alumni. We are continually establishing an MOU with our world’s leading university partners to provide more efficient, exchanging degree programs, online and offline courses, and more degrees for your future advancement into society so that you can competitively and effectively earn multiple and triple degrees with executive certificates. 
All of our classes at the SGSB, Swiss Graduate School of Business are student centered and interactive, focusing on skills and practices that encourage lifelong learning. We look to empower students to take control of their own learning and become creative, analytical and independent learners ready for the challenge of studying in the Swiss. Although there is a lot of hard work ahead, we are sure you will enjoy the Swiss IHED style of unique teaching methods. 
We are all looking forward to welcoming you to the SGSB, Swiss Graduate School of Business, helping you to achieve your ambitions to earn a Dual and a Triple degree diplomas from different partner universities and sharing in your success. 
I would like to express my respect and love for your parents who always supported you while studying your entire academic years. 
May health and blessing be with you and your families.
Prof. Dr.Johnny KIM 
Academic Dean | College Director 
The SGSB, Swiss Graduate School of Business


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Swiss Graduate School of Business ( is a private business and management institution dedicated to formulating students of BBA, EBBA, MBA, EMBA, DBA. PH.D, and AMP program for the life-lasting their future careers of the global economy.

Dr. Johnny Kim, Academic Program Dean for undergraduate (Bachelor), graduate (Master), postgraduate (Doctorate) and Advance Management Program (AMP) education, said, “We are unable to predict what the workplace of the future will look like, and today’s students essential to be prepared for an ever-changing professional ecosystem, when students track multiple majors and specialized certificates, they’re diversifying their competencies and the base of their knowledge.

Get to know your professors and classmates. Swiss Graduate School of Business has a specialized and dedicated position of Academic Program Dean with various and rich academic career, experiences, as the head of faculty, Professor Dr. Johnny KIM, who has a huge influence on our students and motivate them, our students have written guaranteed- recommendation letters from our dean, gotten our students jobs.

Our Academic Program Dean makes unlimited effort to guide and march their avenue without wasting time, without wasting money from students and their sponsors. It makes a huge difference. You all will get experiences to get extremely huge benefits from our Academic Program Dean, his knowledge and his Guanxi (關係), widely globalized his network throughout his academic higher education, several executive program and Advanced Management Program (AMP) from worldwide top leading partner universities.

Unforgettable Learning Experience with Swiss Gr a d u a t e S ch o o l of Business in Switzerland, Studying at the Swiss Graduate School of Business (= Swiss GSB Business School) will be the most exciting and an unforgettable experience you will never forget.

You will participate in classes focusing on business and entrepreneurship enabling your degree program in your University  and  Business School to connect with highly experienced professors and with peers from all over the world. Besides, during the classes you will do a lot of projects and presentations as a team which you especially will motivate and enjoy.

Moreover, there are plenty of events, lake picnics and parties, traditional local food dinner, famous company visits, multiple outdoor class, Educational Travel & Experience for theme tour, ski-tour & excursions, Extracurricular Activities with Asia Study tour and Europe culture tour, and diploma celebrations to network and visit many interesting destinations and meet successful people with a strong international background. It is time to earn your qualified and ensured dual major degree, triple and quadruple major degree from our partner universities through the Swiss Graduate School of Business.