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The Planned Commencement 2022 Was Delayed Due To The Spread Of Covid-19, The Russian-Ukrainian War, Natural Disasters In The Global Village, Bad Weather Damages, Water Flood Forced Its Cancellation.


Swiss Graduate School of Business has taken the extraordinary action – in order to protect the health and safety of the community of our students with their family, relatives and close friends – of postponing Commencement and all of its related festivities originally scheduled for Mid-September 2022.

Dear Graduating Students And Families!

     The COVID-19 virus, which has been prevalent worldwide in the past few years, still has more than 63 million COVID-19 patients and 65 million deaths, and more than 35,000 deaths in Ukraine have been reported, and at least 42,000 to 75,000 Russians have been killed and injured in the battle, and our students and families are still there and suffering.

     Due to the spread of COVID-19, the Russian-Ukrainian war, natural disasters in the global village, bad weather, floods, and flood damage that have lost members of homes and families, many places where graduates’ countries and families have complained of damage directly and indirectly, and restrictions on overseas travel by country have not been lifted. Our school recognized that there is still a lack of safety for the graduation ceremony to be held amid celebration and blessing.We are very sorry to inform you that the Swiss Graduate School of Business decided on special measures to postpone graduation ceremonies and all related events at the meeting with faculty and executives with the participation of family, relatives, and close friends to protect the health and safety of our students’ community.

     It was an incredibly difficult decision. Graduation is a sacred time that we all share with the community and nationally, and it is a way to acknowledge and celebrate the remarkable achievements and hard work of the most recent graduates. But we are in an era of history where, above all, the protection and safety of our students and families are required. I feel sad that I will not be able to celebrate in person in September 2022.

     Instead, graduates and their families who will celebrate the occasion in Lausanne, Switzerland in mid-September 2022 will be invited to a special graduation ceremony in Geneva International City in mid-September 2023. We will do our best to ensure that the parents and families of all graduates participate in next year’s special graduation event as safe as possible.

     We plan to reunite a year later and hold this event in Geneva, where the international airport is located, around mid-September 2023. We are tentatively planning a two-day event to reflect your hopes and high expectations for this extraordinary special moment.

     Graduates of the 2022 academic year will be able to participate in and enjoy the largest school events of the next year with the graduates of the 2023 school year, including traditional graduation ceremonies, corporate visits, graduation congratulatory speeches, awards and parties, and other major events without exception, unless time permits.

     At the end of September 2022, graduation degrees and certificates will be sent directly or to families that can be delivered to all successful applicants. Please reconfirm the name and address requesting the mail to the school administration department. Students who meet all conditions within a given time period will receive multiple Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees from the Swiss Business School and International partner schools and will be certified and notarized in Switzerland and delivered to the address where they have verified the certificate upon obtaining the AMP and EMD Professional Qualifications as well.

     I mentioned earlier that this year’s graduates are very resilient and can endure difficult times. There is no doubt that we will use these circumstances to learn and grow. I’m sure that for some of you, it could be a positive change in the course of your life, such as finding innovative solutions to help protect the public from future disasters and disasters, such as discovering new ways to fight this disease, war, a natural disaster of our environment. It is to renew the spirit of empathy and compassion.

     As we move forward, we encourage you to focus on continuous study, pursue higher education and goals positively and actively, and continue to connect with friends, classmates, professors, and communities. The SGSB Business School and the International Partner Schools, which provide multiple degrees and triple degrees, will continue to help and support you and your alumni. We will establish an MOU with our world’s leading university partners to provide more efficient, exchanging degree programs, online and offline courses, and more degrees for your future advancement into society so that you can competitively and effectively earn multiple and triple degrees with executive certificates.

     I would like to express my respect and love for your parents who always supported you while studying your entire academic years.

     May health and blessing be with you and your families.


Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM

Academic Dean


Swiss Graduate School of Business

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