Swiss Dual • Global Triple • Int'l Quadruple Degree

Academic Degree Programs

The Goal of Our Higher Degree Education

Training practical talent with excellent business management and leadership skills based on local adaptability.  

Business administration is the study of the knowledge needed to make optimal decisions that can efficiently achieve the organization’s objectives. Therefore, the curriculum of the department of business administration is designed to analyze domestic and international business environmental factors and provide analysis tools and major knowledge required to perform each management function within the company.

There are various subjects in traditional management such as management information system, international management, strategic marketing, production management, international relations, leadership, entrepreneurship, financial management, strategic management, personnel and organization, accounting, etc. so that students can make many choices.

The characteristics of SGSB’s education minimize unilateral lectures, value students’ discussion and presentation, and adopt many realistic textbooks such as case studies and simulations to balance theoretical knowledge. In addition, we made sure to reflect the recent changes in the corporate management environment such as internationalization and information service as much as possible in education.