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Dean Dr. Johnny KIM

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The New Dean | Dr. Johnny KIM
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Dr. Kim has an outstanding background in academic business leadership, His leadership and Cross-cultural knowledge with Interpersonal communication in strengthening and developing relationships with external constituencies and in Global Partner Network Relationship make him an ideal individual to lead our Build for What’s Next.

Dr. Johnny KIM, newly appointed provost as an Academic dean of the Swiss Graduate School of Business in Switzerland, with ambitious goals designed to revitalize the Business School’s steep growth trajectory. He has committed over fourteen years to work at the educational sector, business school, as a senior professor, the head of faculty and an academic dean. He has been vigorous professor on the School of Business, devoted student affairs committee, educational sector as a senior professor, the head of faculty and an academic dean.

Swiss Graduate School of Business ( is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Johnny KIM to the position of Provost, and Academic Dean, having worked for the past Thirty-Six years of professional experiences in Switzerland. Dr. Johnny KIM will provide overall leadership in the supervision, support and coordination with all the departments; he will drive systematize school events, Extracurricular Activities, and upgrade his team, using every encounter as an opportunity to to evaluate, coach, and build self-confidence.

In addition, Dr. Johnny KIM will be tasked with integrating various academic partners for sending and receiving students to obtain such benefitable global 3=triple degree or international 4=quadruple degree programs of BBA, EBBA, MBA, EMBA, DBA, and PhD when they graduate from Swiss Graduate School of Business. Previously titled the head of faculty, organized dual degree partnership program, provided a high-impact personal professional development experience that offers time out to understand the changing business environment and new opportunities; perform in-depth analysis of key business school functions to develop strategies for a long term.


Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM, Academic Program Dean at the SGSB – Swiss Graduate School of Business (

Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM, the newly appointed Academic Dean who most recently headed academics at a very significant private Business School to develop the multiple degree programs – Swiss Dual degree program, Global Triple degree program, and International Quadruple degree program with most diverse Extracurricular Activities.

Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM has excellently rich academic careers from world-wide recognized universities and enthusiastically inhabited 36 years in Switzerland since 1988, implemented professionally multiple directorships, devotedly occupied himself as a senior position, CEO, and pioneered for his own multiple business activities, Tourism, Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions, Media since 1988 in Switzerland and France.

Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM has whole-heartedly committed himself for 18 years to lecture at the educational sector, Business School, as a senior professor, the head of faculty, and an academic program dean.

Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM is actually a solution-maker and leader at his workplaces to find any resolution to resolve students’ problems at whatever time as he understand the situation, his work group, appreciate and love students around and results and spend time to build minds.

Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM himself participates at the entire Indoor and Outdoor school activities with students with his powerful aptitudes and problem-solving skills, which help students to undertake obstacles and academic difficulties in a situation in order to earn multiple degrees from our global partner universities.

Get in touch with Prof. Dr. Johnny KIM, he will be always here for your need to support you, to motivate you, to consult your academic direction with cost-effectiveness and time-efficiency for the most constructiveness and productivity.