International Network

Powerful Global Partnerships

We support and provide ways for our International and alumni of global partner universities to get involved in the life of the Swiss Graduate School of Business. We also work to ensure that every member of our global community can access our world-class degree program – dual and triple degree and professional higher education, life-long education services, and facilities.
Our exclusive degree and certificate programs, scholarships, extracurricular activities, events bring our international students and alumni together to learn and earn the most efficiently earn their multiple degrees. celebrate, debate, and collaborate, while our international network of our global partners allows alumni to reconnect and find new friends in their countries.
Come and have an unforgettable memory, obtain various benefits with ERASMUS- EDU FOUNDATION : Executive Higher Education Institute. 
Enrich your learning experience by studying in a diverse and inclusive community.
Faculty members come from all around the world with their own professional business experiences.
The diversity of our environment and collaboration with partner universities, Intentional business schools are crucial important for professors and students.