SGSB offers << 5 Options To Choose for Earning Dual Degrees >>

SGSB offers Global Executive dual degree programs, designed for experience professionals who wish to develop their management and leadership skills while they continue to advance their current careers, without interrupting their work and family.

SGSB awards its Executive dual BBA(EBBA), Executive dual MBA(EMBA), Executive dual DBA(EDBA), and Executive dual PH.D.(EPHD).

SGSB provides Executive weekend seminars, such as Advanced Management Program(AMP) and Executive Management Diploma (EMD), as well as multiple degree and certificate programs with its various International Partner Universities (Business Schools).

SGSB’s each class has an unparalleled diversity of nationalities and business backgrounds, enabling participants to learn from each other and build a close-knit yet globally distributed network. Let share with you how it benefitted your professional and personal development. Redefine the way you think and lead.

SGSB offers << 5 Options To Choose for Earning Dual Degrees >>:


– Partially attending on weekend basis virtual classroom lectures, once a month. 
– Learning by online: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays (7 hours x 3 days/week), 
– Distance Learning: Coaching, supervising any time, any day mainly email and Face-to-face Zoom communication between your supervisor and a student.  
– 100% focusing thesis or new start-up business project with your supervisor. 
– 100% research work: Entire work at your own pace. 

– Accelerated Flexible Program – Ideal for busy executives in business and industry.

SGSB’s unique career-oriented terminal dual degrees only for work experience or have own business. Professional dual-degree program focuses less on research and more on the application of existing knowledge within one’s field of expertise. Most people who enter a professional degree program have practical experience in their field and opt to earn a professional degree in order to move into a top-tier leadership role. 

In a professional higher dual-degree program, you’ll be training to solve real-world problems and become a high-level agent of change. As such, you won’t be expected to generate original research (i.dissertation), but to find new applications for existing knowledge, often referred to as applied research.


SGSB’s Multiple Degree, Explore And Discover The Right Path For You. Step Into Your Future.

At the SGSB you can focus your potential through innovative experiences, bold discoveries and lifelong connections.

Undergraduate Programs

Deciding to study at SGSB will go beyond the classroom to transform your present into your future opportunity. SGSB’s unique six different learning methods and environment will foster your ability to focus what inspires you, help harness your potential opportunity. Here, you prepare for the future of your choosing.

Graduate & Postgraduate Programs

International collaboration and entrepreneurial thinking across disciplines, has attracted leading educators, research teams and international grads here with us and our global partner universities. SGSB embraces curiosity as the spark, catalyzing the quest for knowledge driving innovation. Here, you can change your passion into expertise in one of over multiple degrees across international partner universities.

Professional and Continuing Education

Reimagine your future and expand your opportunities through professional development and personally enriching programs at SGSB. Choose from a broad range of learning opportunities that are best practice based, relevant and in demand.

Choose Your Pathway: Specialized Knowledge Or Professional Progress & Growth

Swiss Graduate School of Business will accept undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate applications for admission for international applicants closed. Next admission procession for the Spring semester 2023 will begin from October 17, 2022 and Applications will close on January 20, 2023. Choose a high-quality multiple degree educational programs and higher education experience that prepare you for success. Choose a leading the Swiss Graduate School of Business and our international partner universities where you can be a part of addressing network’s greatest challenges. SGSB’s multiple degree programs prepare you for a meaningful edu-career and a lifetime of challenging convention. Our students are pioneers, innovators, and community-builders. Where others see challenges, our students see potential. SGSB is the bold choice – a place of inspiration where you will create your own bright future.

Catch 3 birds with 1 stone at the right school, Swiss Graduate School of Business.

What does SGSB stand for?
What does ‘SGSB’ stand for in education and university?
  • SGSB meaning is defined as, the Swiss Graduate School of Business (
  • SGSBSwiss Graduate School of Business is well recognized as one of the most efficient and effective ways of learning and obtaining a dual degree and triple degree programs, it is the most effective practice at ‘the SGSB Business School’ to study and learn for a short period of time on each level of degree programs in Switzerland.
  • SGSBSwiss Graduate School of Business ( provides Dual degree diplomas with separate two majors in one tuition fee; Triple and Quadruple degree diplomas with separate majors with our international partner universities.
  • Where and how to study efficiently and effectively? That will be – Swiss Graduate School of Business ( Contact ‘SGSB Business School’ and join our efficient and effective methods with six options for studying and earning dual and triple degree diplomas with separate majors, in one tuition fee, in one school, or two or three partner universities at your practical reason and convenience.

Swiss Graduate School of Business

o Collaboratively Working to Ensure Every Student Achieves Academically, Socially and Emotionally. We Teach, Model and Encourage a Love of Learning, Collaboration, and Compassion for Others.

o Swiss Graduate School of Business is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning multiple major degrees and productive professional career achievement. It is an international Business School based in Vevey, Switzerland. Home to Charlie Chaplin and Nestle headquarter.

  • Talk to our Academic Program Dean : Prof. Dr.Johnny KIM, Learn from the business leader and expert of cross-cultural knowledge. Study from leading professionals and rich academic careers, and benefit from the close networks that Swiss SGSB Business School has with the global business world.
  • Founded along the Swiss Riviera in Switzerland, the center of Europe.
  • Switzerland scored high with regard to political and economic stability, transparency and equality.
  • Switzerland Business was ranked second best in the world for conducting business.
  • Switzerland Credit was considered the second-most trustworthy country.
  • Switzerland Education was ranked the second in the world by the Swiss higher education system.


  • SGSB is one of the world’s top management schools and Global Triple BBA – Global Bachelor of Business Administration awards the “triple crown” with Triple Majors, Triple Degrees, Triple Specialized Certificates of Bachelor Degree Program during 6 Semesters, 2 Years.
  • recognized for both the quality and influence of their research; a wide range of management training programs; partnerships with the world’s best universities;
  • and SGSB continues to foster a tradition of academic excellence and a spirit of openness in the fields of economics, social sciences and innovation.
  • SGSB’s international expansion and partnership allows students and professors to study and understand the economic forces at work in the different regions of the world.

College Return on Investment
“No matter how you look at it, Business School to earn your degree on your higher education  is an investment — both of time, money, and your occupation. The
benefit to this particular investment is that there are returns far beyond the obvious monetary ones.

The SGSB Business School is offering dual degree or triple degree  program for all our students in order to successfully obtain multiple degrees with only one tuition fee on your graduation ceremony.

Come and Join our Exclusive Dual, Triple or Quadruple degrees with just one Tuition Fee with high Efficiency, and Effectiveness” 

– Academic Dean Dr. Johnny KIM –

SGSB, A High-Level Education Center, Our Vision

  • Swiss Graduate School of Business provides students a world-class business and public service education.
  • Our engaged faculty leverages a central Vevey where NESTLE Swiss and International headquarters location and fosters collaborations with local, national, and global community partners to generate high-quality scholarship and enhance the integration of classroom lessons with experiential learning.
  • We are committed to educating and developing business leaders and builders of enterprises who create value
  • In doing so, we graduate global-minded, knowledgeable, and socially responsible professionals who embrace innovation and change.
  • We foster transformative experiences that cultivate global-minded citizens who advance knowledge, lead positive change, and create value for society

SGSB, A Tradition of Excellence, Our Mission

  • The SGSB Business School provides students a world-class business and public service education.
  • Our engaged faculty fosters collaborations with local, national, and global community partners to generate high-quality scholarship and enhance the integration of classroom lessons with experiential learning.
  • In doing so, we graduate global-minded, knowledgeable, and socially responsible professionals who embrace innovation and change.

Strategic Objectives

  • Global business: To highlight the contemporary global business environment in all the programs we offer.
  • Career success: To invest heavily in the careers of our students, and to optimize the mix of skills and experiences that can contribute to future career success.
  • Ethical behavior: To emphasize the importance of ethical behavior at both individual and organizational levels of activity.
  • Recognition: To be recognized as a leading business school by the business partners we seek to serve.
  • Integration: To pursue an integrative view of business, spanning a range of functional areas and links between the private and public sectors.
  • Faculty excellence: To sustain an excellent and diverse faculty whose work and influence within and beyond the classroom supports our global vision.
  • Student vibrancy: To reinforce our global emphasis by maintaining a vibrant and diverse mixture of regional, national and international students.
  • Program relevance: To develop and maintain relevant, cutting-edge programs and alliances informed by the latest ideas and management practices.
  • Lifelong learning: To promote lifelong learning across the programs and services we offer to students, alumni and our business partners.
  • Continuous improvement: To promote an environment that welcomes assessment and measures achievements against our desired goals.

Start Doing, Learn by Doing! Go-getter!

  • Live your dream whether you choose to study to earn the Swiss dual degrees in SGSB Business School in Switzerland or overseas in countries with our partner universities, like France, USA, Australia, Canada, China. etc.  
  • Now, Time to start doing! Learn by doing! You’ll work side-by-side with thought leaders, business professionals, and innovators. In the classroom, you’ll dive into consulting projects and examine case studies from real businesses. Outside the classroom, targeted internships and work opportunities deepen your skills and knowledge.

Personal Support

  • Receive exceptional support that begins when you arrive and continues after you graduate. Our Academic Program Dean, Professor Dr. Johnny KIM, and Professors here are more than lectures. We all are your mentors. You are the center of our focus. We will nurture your growth, develop your talents, and help you launch your dreams.

A Global Mindset

  • Share our global mission. Business today is global. Your business reaches the world or the world comes to you.
  • We extend education beyond conventional boundaries with Global Travel Seminars, international internships, and study abroad experiences.


We Enter To Learn, Study to Achieve

  • A Business School education is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make in yourself or your future.
  • SGSB Business School is committed to making that investment as affordable as possible, with expert guidance to accomplish your dual degree or triple degree from two or three Business Schools without wasting extra-time to fit your specific circumstances and motivation.

Keep Exploring

  • SGSB Business School helps you prepare for the real world, explore career options, or continue your education and professional development.
  • Real-world practical experiences are part of the learning environment at the SGSB Business School.
  • SGSB Business School offers so many ways to expand learning outside the classroom from our campus in the heart of Swiss Riviera to study abroad and more.

The Business School Experience

  • SGSB Business School in Switzerland has prepared students to be successful leaders in business and public service. Swiss Graduate School of Business is career-focused from day one. Here, you learn more than business knowledge: You build a toolkit for personal success.
  • At the SGSB Business School in Switzerland, you’ll embark on a transformative journey to excellence. Your education includes hands-on learning programs, personal support from faculty, enhanced global awareness, civic engagement projects, unparalleled networking opportunities, and a diverse community of teachers and learners.
  • Together, they create a business school experience that uniquely prepares you for success in the workplace…and in life. Explore these characteristics of the Business School Experience in more detail.

The Swiss Riviera  Advantage

  • Our location brings the real world into your classroom. Hear business leaders speak in your courses.
  • Consult with real, Swiss-based clients. Get career advice from professors who work in the industry.
  • Build your professional network starting your very first day.

Social Responsibility

  • Join students who are aware and committed to public service. Deal with real issues in the community, such as helping children or veterans in need. Get involved and make a difference in your community.

Powerful Global Partnerships, International network

  • We support and provide ways for our International and alumni of global partner universities to get involved in the life of the Swiss Graduate School of Business. We also work to ensure that every member of our global community can access our world-class degree program – dual and triple degree and professional higher education, life-long education services, and facilities.

    Our exclusive degree and certificate programs, scholarships, extracurricular activities, events bring our international students and alumni together to learn and earn the most efficiently earn their multiple degrees. celebrate, debate, and collaborate, while our international network of our global partners allows alumni to reconnect and find new friends in their countries. 

    Come and have an unforgettable memory, obtain various benefits with SGSB Business School. 


  • Enrich your learning experience by studying in a diverse and inclusive community.
  • Faculty members come from all around the world with their own professional business experiences.
  • The diversity of our environment is intentional and important for teaching cultural awareness to future leaders of global business and public service.

Our Philosophy

Theory is the thing which matters, practice is the thing which leads to success. Education in our vision – an engine of civilization; and fuel for it – deep & wide experience in life which our university possess to share

SGSB's Principle

The main principle is to provide a quality education which embodies universal rules of reality in order to make students embracing the life with a confident core

Key Of Success

Provide deep understanding of a current global market with an enhanced knowledge of trends which are shaping our future. Main element for it – extracurricular activities

Special Campus Tour and Interview with Your Academic Dean

We encourage all prospective, and selected Undergraduate and Graduate students to visit our campus to sit in classrooms  and interview with SGSB Academic Dean for your benefits, advantages and everything that you’re interested in.
SGSB Campus on a tour and meeting with your academic degree program specialist, SGSB Academic Dean, designed for prospective students.  
Meet and talk our Academic dean, admissions representative to learn more about programs and decide what it the best efficiency and effectiveness for you. 


Culmination of your studies. Graduation is a time for celebration and a highlight of the University year. We hope your graduation will be an enjoyable day with family, friends and faculty.

The reward and recognition you will receive is as a result of your hard work and commitment. We will be delighted to have you as SGSB alumni!


Global Networking and Powerful Alumni

Create an unparalleled peer and professional network, and be deeply connected to the community’s business, legal, and cultural communities. You have extraordinary access to our powerful alumni, global businesses, research opportunities, and internships.