Swiss Ski School Lessons ● The Most Important Leisure & Recreation Activities in Switzerland

Swiss Ski Tour

Dear SGSB International Students!

We are incredibly excited to announce to put the Ski-Trip as one of SGSB’s Extracurricular Activities each Winter season.

All the expenses, including a hotel accommodation fee (2 persons in 1 room, or 3 persons in a room), including 3 meals a day, transportation to go and back, ski-rental fees, ski-instructors for beginners and any learners to learn perfectly from the professional instructors, and ski-lifts tickets without limit. You just enjoy and build a tighten relationship with your classmates.

SGSB annually will offer and well organize ski trips, this trip will be helpful for the beginners who would need professional instruction and guide.

All the costs are going to be paid by the SGSB Business School to provide the Alps ski resort rich-environment and unforgettable memories, cheerful photo-shoots opportunities with your classmates while you are attending with us, SGSB Business School program.


I’m looking forward to joining our next season with new students together.

Your dean, Prof.Dr.Johnny KIM will lead you to where the Greatest places to go and ski for your innovative experiences and awesome adventure.


Detail Ski-Trip information and condition for Winter-Ski will be announced in school and in your class.