Value • Repositioning

Successful Communicators:

Erasmus-Edu Foundation is your bridge to connect road to success. Practice active listening Strive to be engaging and engaged learners Value communication in the learning process Conversational, comfortable, connected and capable Understand and express ideas clearly in written, oral, and visual forms.

Global Citizens:
 Explore ideas and issues that have both local and global significance Understand, respect, and appreciate their culture and open to different values and traditions Appreciate that a balanced life requires a commitment to both physical and mental well-being Take Action to be Together and build a strong and closer global community.
Socially Responsible:
Make a personal commitment to service Demonstrate responsibility through effective leadership Value their own contributions and the contribution of others Volunteering in the community Take a commitment of SGSB students to take steps for protecting and improving society’s welfare along with protecting our own interests.
Believable Individuals:
Bringing it all together Perform personal integrity and academic honesty Accept responsibility for his or her own actions and their consequences Model honest, fair, and respectful of others showing empathy, compassion, and respect.