You Can Earn and Declare a 2=Dual, 3=Triple, 4=Quadruple Degrees and Majors with us


Purpose of Establishment of SGSB Business School

SGSB Business School educates 21st-century leaders who can contribute to society through the creation, provision, and sharing of creative business and management knowledge through their higher management degrees and workplace career consulting throughout their lives.  

With the prominent global partner universities, SGSB aims to foster a group of future global leaders who will contribute to effective and exclusive competitiveness in the future and improve macroscopic efficiency by providing higher business education through dual-degree and triple degrees in business and a variety of cultural acquisition and experience.

SGSB seeks to create new added value not only for the student himself and families, but also for the society and the country by maximizing the ability of business students to achieve their academic and personal purposes, and by presenting the optimal career path through professional analysis and design and thoroughly managing it from the beginning to the end.