Liberty, equality, fraternity - French Republic

๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท France

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Also Known As French Republic โ€ข Rรฉpublique Franรงaise
Head Of Government Prime minister: Jean Castex
Capital Paris
Population (2021 est.) 65,404,000
Currency Exchange Rate 1 USD equals 0.914 euro
Head Of State President:ย Emmanuel Macron
Form Of Government republic with two legislative houses (Parliament; Senate [348], National Assembly [577])
Official Language French
Official Religion none
Official Name Rรฉpublique Franรงaise (French Republic)
Total Area (Sq Km) 543,941
Total Area (Sq Mi) 210,017
Monetary Unit euro (โ‚ฌ)
Population Rank (2021) 22
Population Projection 2030 68,379,000
Density: Persons Per Sq Mi (2021) 311.4
Density: Persons Per Sq Km (2021) 120.2
Urban-Rural Population Urban: (2018) 80.4% โ€ข Rural: (2018) 19.6%
Life Expectancy At Birth Male: (2020) 79.1 years โ€ข Female: (2020) 85.1 years
Literacy: Percentage Of Population Age 15 And Over Literate Male: (2000โ€“2004) 98.9% โ€ข Female: (2000โ€“2004) 98.7%
Gni (U.S.$ โ€™000,000) (2019) 2,844,112
Gni Per Capita (U.S.$) (2019) 42,290